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Visit Psychic Readings and Meditations of Minneapolis, Minnesota to discover a calming atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

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Psychic Readings & Meditations of Minneapolis, Minnesota


Psychic Sophia is available in Minneapolis to give Psychic Readings, Chakra Balancing, Guided Meditations, Tarot Card Readings, and more. Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments are preferred. Call now to scheduled a reading with Psychic Sophia.

About Sophia

Sophia's Background

Hello! My name is Sophia. I discovered my gifts in my preteen years. I developed my gifts through self-research and meditation over the past fifteen years. I have been providing psychic readings in the Minneapolis area for over 10 years.

Sophia's Abilities

I can quickly tap into your feelings by picking up on your energies and reading your aura. I want you to feel comfortable and know that you can tell me anything in total confidence. I can help you work through obstacles in your life, relationship problems, and help you find ways to achieve your goals. My readings offer clarity, honesty, and real answers on any past issues. I strive to bring clarity and peace to your future. My areas of expertise include love and relationships, career, finances, spirituality and faith, distance energy healing, physical and spiritual well-being.

Service Price List

Psychic Readings

Illustration of a crystal ball on colorful leaves.

Sophia's Psychic Reading is done by reading the individual's eyes and energy which will tell them about their past, present, future, love life, career, and spiritual health.

Mini Psychic Reading tells 1-3 months into your future for $75.

Regular Psychic Reading tells 3-6 months into your future for $125.

Half Life Psychic Reading tells 1-3 years into the future and costs $225.

Full Life Psychic Reading covers 5-10 years into the future and costs $400.

Tarot Card Readings

A person holds several tarot cards above a table.

A Tarot Card Reading dives into self-discovery, current events, spiritual guidance, advice, love, and career.

5 Card Reading is $65.

A 9 Cards Reading is $80.

12 Card Reading is $100.

Half Deck Reading is $175.

Full Deck Reading is $325.

Palm Readings

A psychic holds a persons hand and points to the life line on their palm.

A Palm Reading, also known as Palmistry or Chiromancy, tells of your lucky numbers, lucky colors, and about your personality.  If you are looking for an in depth reading that tells of your past, present, future, love, and career, then I recommend my Psychic Reading.

1 Palm Reading is $35.

2 Palm Reading is $50.

Combination Readings

A glowing ball is seen with a persons hands around the globe.

2 Palms & 5 Tarot Cards  $100

2 Palms & Mini Psychic  $110

Mini Tarot & Mini Psychic  $125

Mini Tarot, Palm, & Mini Psychic  $175

Half Tarot & Half Psychic  $300

Full Tarot & Full Psychic  $525

Medium Readings

The silhouette of an old man walks with a cane up a long staircase toward the light. He is surround by blue clouds.

Reconnect with your loved ones that have crossed over.  Send and receive messages from beyond the grave.

Medium Reading  $450

Pendulum Readings

A jade gemstone pendulum is attached to a gold chain.

Pendulums are a tool of divination used for spiritual guidance, making decisions,  answering questions, and cleansing negative energy.  Ask your questions and let the pendulum divine your answers. 

Pendulum 2 Questions  $15

Pendulum 4 Questions  $35

Tea Leaf Readings

A cup is being filled with tea. Berries and leaves are seen on bamboo table mat.

A Tea Leaf Reading is also known as Tasseography.  During this reading you can discover details about your future and learn about your destiny and fate by having Sophia examine the loose used tea leaves inside your tea cup.

Tea Leaf Reading  $85

Parties & Events

Many people are celebrating and blowing confetti from their hands.

I am available for private parties, events, and banquets.  Please call for pricing.